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Our 5 step process for building a capability development strategy

The speed at which technology is evolving and business needs are changing is at an all-time high. So it only makes sense for workplace skills and capabilities to be evolving just as quickly, right?

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The Deciding Factor in eLearning Translation


The topic of eLearning translation is one where every advantage has an equally significant disadvantage. Taking the extra effort to translate your training can increase your audience and improve communication, whilst subsequently increasing time and costs.


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How to future proof your e-learning technology investment

Helen from the HR Department has the challenge of coordinating learning initiatives in her workplace. The business objectives include implementing a compliance framework and maintaining a safe work place. Helen is positive she will ‘wow’ her managers with virtual tours through the office and 360 degree videos.  

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Let’s say you’re on the bus, reflecting on some concepts covered in yesterday’s leadership development seminar. You recall the term ‘Employeeship,’ and type this into Google. You view the one sentence definition, followed by a 1 minute Youtube video on the concept, and finish with a quick skim of some blog comments around the topic. Before you know it, you have developed a deeper understanding of employeeship in the last 4 minutes than the entire duration covering the concept in the seminar.

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