Digital learning solutions that are improving health outcomes for dementia patients

Many of us will know someone with dementia in our lifetime. Almost one in 10 people over 65 have dementia, and the impacts can be heartbreaking. One of the hardest aspects can be knowing that dementia increases risks to patients’ safety even for everyday tasks. Symptoms like confusion and disorientation combined with limited mobility and coordination can lead to falls and accidents with ongoing impacts. As a result, many of us want to know that our friends and relatives are safe and well-cared for.

As a leading healthcare technology integrator in Australia, Acetek has long recognised the need for systems that bring peace of mind while balancing independence for patients. For twenty years, Acetek has had a vision to provide consumer-centric technology solutions that are user-friendly for nursing staff and the people in their care. Their commitment to this vision has seen their Austco Dementia Monitoring System implemented in many well-known aged care facilities and hospitals across Australia.

The Austco system consists of well-placed sensors around the room of a patient that monitors their safety to improve the care provided by nurses and care staff. The system allows patients to maintain their privacy and independence while ensuring that they are well looked after.

With such an intelligent system, training and compliance tracking is required for the care workers and nurses who use the system. Traditionally, Acetek delivered this training in a face-to-face format.

However, this was proving costly as high staff turnover rates in the Aged Care sector required Acetek training managers to revisit care centres and train new employees every six months on average.

As a result, Acetek identified that by shifting to a self-service eLearning training solution, they could save time and money while improving customer satisfaction, patient care and compliance. They reached out to Savv-e to invest in an eLearning training module that could meet their need for engaging and effective training experiences for their customers.

We began by ‘chunking’ the course structure into three microlearning topics based around how to use the Austco System. This enabled us to design short, punchy messages that boost learner engagement and increase learning retention. One customer described it as “very interactive, simple and educative. The systematic presentation made it easy to comprehend. The language had a mix of technical and simple terms making it easy for a broad range of our staff to understand.”

We developed key features such as real-life scenarios and introduced the learner to animated characters including Nancy, a nurse who walks the learner through the best process of using the Dementia Monitoring System, along with Meg and Norm, two of Nancy’s patients. According to Acetek, these scenarios significantly increased learner engagement, improved knowledge retention and increased learner confidence by 25%. 

The eLearning initiative has met all the key performance criteria that Acetek were after. It has effectively enabled Acetek to standardise the training quality its participants receive. As a result, Acetek has reported that there has been a 10% reduction in misuse of the device and a 25% reduction in service calls outs across its Aged Care facilities in NSW and ACT. Now, Acetek training managers are able to redirect their time previously allocated to travelling on the field to service calls, into more important value-adding activities and other business initiatives.  

Throughout the whole process, we’ve enjoyed working alongside Acetek’s Training Manager and team. We were thrilled when Steve Eastwood, Director of Acetek shared his feedback with us, “They took time to understand our solutions, the expectations and requirements. The creativity and professional delivery of the final product was very impressive and we have been pleased with the result. It has enhanced our customer engagement and differentiated us within our industry, helping cement our brand with our system users.” 

Acetek continues to work with us to produce further training modules on different topics.

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