At Savv-e, we care about people and the world around us- we want to make a difference. Whether that means looking out for employees’ mental health, reducing our environmental footprint or making content accessible for all, Savv-e is determined to make the world a better place. Though we are involved in many altruistic initiatives, as Australia’s leading digital learning design agency, our greatest contribution is within our domain of expertise- eLearning design. We continue to fight for equality by placing learners at the heart of all our learning solutions. 

So why focus on the learner? 

We believe every person has a right to access high-quality eLearning so we make sure that our solutions are fully accessible and cater to the needs and abilities of all learners. We know that this learner-centric approach, in addition to improving knowledge retention, is a means to break down barriers and tackle social inequality. 

People with disabilities often encounter a minefield of challenges when completing eLearning courses. Unfortunately, many modules don’t account for the diverse motor, intellectual and processing abilities of all their participants. For those with diverse needs, it is difficult and tiring, and frequently impossible, to even participate in many courses. 

At Savv-e we go above and beyond to make our eLearning modules as equitable as possible for all learners by implementing accessible design practices. But we don’t do it for the pat on the back, we do it because we’re passionate about equality. 

And the best part? When we create learning solutions which focus on what learners can do, rather than what they can’t, we create a superior learning experience for all. 

But back in 2017, the problem was that very few authoring tools made it easy, let alone possible, to create accessible content. So we decided to change that.

Enter How Too

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Jenny and Lisa, How Too’s co-founders, began to create a learner-centric online learning development software that would allow anyone to create professional and accessible eLearning, regardless of their background or experience. This software evolved to become How Too.

Work on How Too began in 2017, and by June of 2018 it had acquired its first paying customer. In 2019 it was recognized as a finalist in the MPowered Pitch Competition and was a winner of the HR/L&D Tech Fest Start-Up Clash. One year later, after extensive user experience testing and tweaking, we are thrilled to announce that How Too is live!  

So what makes How Too so special?

As Jenny put it “there are plenty of tools out there that help you create nice looking content and interactivity, but if that content doesn’t hit the mark in terms of what the learner really needs to think, feel and do to get their job done, there’s really no point.”  

How Too offers a blend of convenience, intuition and accessibility that is currently unparalleled by any other online learning development software. At the heart of How Too, is a growing library of pre-designed learning experience templates and assessment functionalities which are based on cognitive science and adult learning principles. As a user, you also have access to the ever-growing, full How Too media library. That’s a huge range of videos, images and interactivity. But if you want something more specific, you’ve also got the freedom to incorporate your own multimedia. In other words, How Too allows you to create eLearning that is personalised, powerful and up-to-date.

One of the most exciting features of How Too is that it is the only online learning development software that has built-in accessibility. Any eLearning that you create on How Too automatically meets WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards, the mandatory accessibility standard for government agencies and many large corporations. With How Too, you can rest assured that your content exceeds mandatory accessibility requirements and enables equal access to eLearning for all. 

Here at Savv-e, we are incredibly excited about the possibilities for learning that How Too holds. But most of all we are proud. We are proud of the hard work and expertise that has gone into developing such a pioneering eLearning software. We are proud of Savv-e’s commitment to accessible learning. We are proud of the way that Savv-e is challenging the industry status-quo.

As Lisa summarised, “We are proud to have created a tool that looks out for everyone and makes sure they have equal access to learning.”

If you’d like to see how How Too is the future of your eLearning, you can access your two-week free trial here. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available.