Since COVID-19 we’ve seen the world spin into an even more rapid and formidable state of change. With 70% of the global workforce making the shift to working from home, schools and universities made to teach remotely, and businesses of all sizes looking to reskill and pivot, organisations have demonstrated agility, flexibility and resilience.

Rapid change in business and organisations means everyone needs to constantly be learning. This change has accelerated the strategic priority of learning and aligning it much more closely to business and organisational needs. The need for organisations to implement changes has accelerated dramatically and learning is playing a critical role in building capabilities that support business strategy. 

At Savv-e, we’ve responded to many business-critical needs including providing learning to help an organisation bring their call centre on-shore, rapidly training up Government teams to handle massive policy changes and supporting a healthcare provider who needed to ensure nurses can correctly use and interpret the technology for dementia patients. Not to mention the work we’ve done with not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions!

The challenge has been to create engaging and effective learning in a much shorter time frame than before. Our clients have come to us with an issue and we have worked quickly to resolve it… just in time for the next one to come along.

So how do you create outstanding learning solutions that deliver on business priorities at a cracking speed? At Savv-e we’ve streamlined and accelerated our design and development process with our new Playbook. Projects that used to take months are being delivered in weeks (sometimes days!) and we are pleased to share our secrets through the steps below. 

Discover the needs of both the organisation and the learner

The discovery stage of the process is fundamental in ensuring our solution targets the right problem. It allows us to carefully frame the problem and develop a clear, concise guiding statement that defines the key business and learning outcomes for the project. We run short, sharp workshops that directly involve the learners. You may be surprised by what the real problem is. 

Define the experience of the learner

Here we develop the learning approach and learner stories that will best resonate with those doing the learning. We are also able to clarify all the technical and design details. If not addressed early, these tend to bank up and can make for headaches later in the project.

Design a solution that works

We like to do our design collaboratively. Here we are able to story-board and work with the client and learners to co-design content which works for their brand. Our software allows us to design iteratively and minimise wasteful processes by continually building in one place so no transfer of text and media, from other formats, is required. 

Develop, iterate and refine

Rapid prototyping is a great way to quickly create content, test that it will resonate with the learners and work with the technical environment. We are able to seek feedback from learners and then iterate further and refine and improve. Testing is important both for the usability and technicality of the course, and to ensure the end product is right for the client and learner alike. 

Deliver learning just when it’s needed

Now it’s time to launch our creation to the world! Having already sought feedback throughout the process, we know we’re ready to deliver the learning to our audience.

And that’s it! Brilliant learning solutions, made in a flash.

If your business is going through a period of change and looking to enhance its learning and development, why not get in contact with us here.