Meet the team series - Jola Van Der Horn

Meet the team series - Jola Van Der Horn

Meet Jola, Savv-e's Client Solution Manager

Savv-e welcomes Jola Van Der Horn who joins us as Client Solutions Manager.  We recently caught up with Jola to ask her a few questions and get to know the newest member of the team.

Tell us a little bit about your background and experience before joining Savv-e? 10 years in recruitment and seven years in e-learning…..sales, sales and more sales in one form or another!

What attracted you to the role?  I love the idea of having a level of creative input into custom development projects so the chance to work in a collaborative team environment where everyone shares a passion for creativity was very attractive to me.  I was also drawn to the level of Savv-e’s commitment to embrace innovation in the digital space! I want to work for the best of the best as this provides exciting challenges and leads to professional and personal growth.

How have you found Savv-e so far? It’s like stepping off the plane at Hobart’s airport straight onto the tarmac. The air is fresh and crisp, the sky is bright and all your senses are acutely aware. The people are professional and very obviously experts in their field, yet they are super friendly and down to earth.

What excites you about the year ahead at Savv-e? There are a lot of exciting developments in the digital space and I look forward to working on projects that will stretch our levels of creativity across instructional and digital design, showing our clients exactly why we are the leaders for custom e-learning design.

Three words to best describe you: Passionate, honest and loyal

What are you most proud of? Being an honest, caring person, dedicated to my family and friends

What is Jola up to when not working at Savv-e? My interests lie in art, interior design, fashion so going hunting in search of old or new depending on my mood…..exploring new places and poking around hidden away antiquity stores. Long lunches from where I can 'people watch' whilst enjoying either a rose, sparkling wine or a whisky/vodka-based cocktail.

Favourite book: I don’t have a one as there is too much incredible literature. Non-fiction is my favourite kind  - autobiographies and history especially WW2 in particular.

Favourite song: Again, how could I possibly narrow it down to one or even a favourite genre! Give me pretty much anything to listen to and I’ll probably say “Oh yeah I LOVE THIS one!!!”

Favourite food: OMG – almost absolutely everything. Just don’t give me tripe! Oh, and I’ll always go for savory over sweet!

Your life motto: Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Welcome to Savv-e Jola!

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