Angela Bekiaris

The current bushfire crisis in Australia is having devastating consequences for our communities, native fauna/flora and air quality. In some way we have all been affected by this overwhelming disaster. With the country broken-hearted, society is becoming more conscious of the human impact on the environment.  Here at Savv-e we are committed to doing our part for environmental sustainability and take whatever actions we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We know sustainability is to be taken seriously.

At Savv-e we are solution driven, it’s a part of our design DNA. We can’t help but think creatively to find solutions to problems and that’s exactly the stance we are taking when it comes to our sustainability goals for 2020. Our approach is to be proactive rather than reactive - that is, taking charge in making healthy environmental choices.

Small but meaningful steps create change and directly impact the world we live in. We are mindful of our place in the larger network and have created our own Savv-e systems designed to work in harmony with the ecosystem.  

Our commitment to a more sustainable workspace is well and truly in action and we have plenty more tricks up our sleeve for the future in keeping with our sustainability strategy.

Last year, we made a pledge to be more mindful of our environmental footprint knowing that we urgently need to make changes in order to leave a better world for our future generations to enjoy. So, we set up our very first Environment Squad, led by Jade Herriman whose passion and enthusiasm has been contagious throughout the office.  An integral component of our journey to sustainability was becoming an accredited member of Better Business Partnership. Connecting with Better Business Partnership has allowed us to assess how sustainable our business really is. We completed their “How sustainable is my office” appraisal and have used the reports from this to direct our next steps. Since then, our Environmental Sustainability policy has been implemented and we’ve been applying many changes in the office. In the last 6 months our office has:

  • Phased out all printed brochures and handouts
  • Started recycling print cartridges with ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’
  • Gone plastic free. No more once-use plastic crockery and cutlery 
  • Participated in National Recycling Week by Planet Ark. We recycled 5 reams of paper from files around the office!
  • Collected batteries for proper disposal methods
  • Started a used tea-bag collection for composting 
  • Committed to using 100% recycled print paper

In typical Savv-e style we have connected with our community to get on board with our green ways through storing keep-cups at our local café. We have also supported green companies by purchasing recycled, organic and plant based products for the office. 

When we say we are making a pledge to change, we really mean it. Savv-e has successfully this year hosted Harmony Day celebrations, Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea, as well as a morning tea to raise funds for the RSPCA. Over Christmas, we took care of our ladies in need by putting together bags of personal care items, which were donated to women living in poverty or experiencing homelessness as part of Share the Dignity’s ‘It’s in the bag campaign’. We were also a major sponsor for A11ycamp, which is a leading conference on accessibility and inclusion.

That’s not all, this year the Savv-e team will be taking on two very exciting new ventures.

In February we are very excited to be relocating from our current St Leonards office and joining the dynamic hub over at The Studio in Wynyard. When we were scouting our perfect location, a green space was on our checklist. The Studio simply suits us to a T. From the workspace layout to their creative use of technology, there hasn’t been a better pair since John and Yoko. With original plans to relocate by the end of 2020 we have fast tracked our move to February this year. It is a very exciting time for us as we make a move that is conveniently located for our clients. The relocation will reduce client meeting taxi mileage by a huge 80% (through relocating to a CBD location close to public transport). 

As a team we will be participating in the Plastic Free July challenge this year. They say in order to truly change your habits, new behaviours need to be repeated consistently over 21 days. By taking part in a plastic detox for one month we not only expect to start conversations with colleagues and clients, reduce plastic waste in the office, but we also anticipate to be making behavioural changes that will flow into life outside of the office. 

Beyond this, our long-term vision is to make ripples in our wider community. Our goal is to work with other digital agencies to create new approaches toward sustainability for our sector. We want to be a part of the broader conversation about sustainability in our industry – to be an example of proactive and positive change as we address our impact on the environment. We’re so proud of the efforts we’ve made thus far and the positive response we’ve seen not only within our team but also in our community.