How to Effectively use Animation in Learning

As a tool for digital learning or eLearning, animation is a double-edged sword. When used effectively, it’s a great way to engage learners and communicate ideas. But using animation in learning can lead to distraction, and even prevent the processing or recollection of new information.

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Our 5 step process for building a capability development strategy

The speed at which technology is evolving and business needs are changing is at an all-time high. So it only makes sense for workplace skills and capabilities to be evolving just as quickly, right?

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Moving towards a learner-centred approach: why and how to make it happen

Why a learner-centred approach makes business sense

As learning and development practitioners, we recognise the value of taking a learner-centred approach to the design and development of our learning interventions.But how do we apply this philosophy to achieve excellent organisational outcomes in today’s challenging and disruptive business world?

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10 Steps to Using Data-Driven Decision Making


If you’re a learning manager or HR manager, chances are you’re not yet using analytics to drive your learning programs. And you’re not alone: the world of learning and professional development is a long way behind its marketing counterparts, who regularly use data to understand and predict customer preferences and behavior, and optimise the performance of their campaigns - all to great effect.

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Personas: putting users at the centre of learning

Personas, while a fairly common concept in marketing, are a relatively new and under-utilised tool in learning. But at Savv-e, we’ve seen first-hand how big an effect they can have in terms of improving design and positively influencing learning outcomes, which is why they are a central part of how we deliver our training.

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