Interactive regulation

Through strategic workforce planning, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) identified the need to build knowledge of modern regulation among employees to ensure its efficacy as a statutory authority. A modern compliance training program was required in order to engage and build the capabilities of its workforce across Australia. AMSA also expressed a desire to improve the efficiency of this process as employees had little time to dedicate to lengthy face-to-face training sessions, and so eLearning was an ideal fit for this challenge.

AMSA and Savv-e worked collaboratively to develop the project and reinforce the concept of modern regulation. The module created utilised a range of interaction types, relying on interesting visual elements and well-placed, succinct information to engage the learner. The simplistic interactivity allowed for a focus on the content, maximising the ease of navigation and user experience. The technical implementation of the project was designed to establish a future-proof framework, implemented in a way that allowed for modular add-ons and updates to accommodate future needs. The modules were designed to meet a list of technical considerations for deployment, including reporting tracking and completion along with the ability to accommodate the modules locally.