Manual Handling


Maximise the opportunity




25 minutes

We can handle a lot but do we do it safely? Staying safe on the job is a smart move and something everyone should think about. In this module will help you understand how to stay safe when you are doing manual tasks in your job.

After completing the module, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the relevance and application of WHS legislation to workers performing manual tasks in your role
  • Define manual tasks and identify activities that involve manual tasks in your workplace
  • Discuss your and your employer’s responsibilities for ensuring that manual tasks are completed in a safe manner in the workplace
  • Recognise the types of injury that can occur from incorrect performance of manual tasks
  • Describe the risk management process in relation to manual tasks
  • Identify manual task risk factors that can result in injury
  • Implement control strategies by avoiding or re-engineering risky activities, and/or determining the best technique to use
  • Follow safe procedures
  • Follow appropriate reporting procedures
  • Locate further information about specific procedures for manual tasks
  • Module is SCORM 1.2 complaint
  • Module works on browsers including IE 9 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Module is mobile responsive and runs on iOS (iPad, iPhone) using Safari or Chrome, Android (Samsung, HTC etc) using Chrome, and Windows phones using Edge

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